Do You Want to Know Your Property's New Value in 2021?

Here's the thing...not only is it a sellers market but also Zillow doesn't know your home's worth!

Zillow only knows your bed, bath and square footage and then their artificial intelligence, not-a-real-person, computer system spits out some fancy number to get you excited or completely disappointed and never wanting to sell your home.

Zillow doesn't know that you finished remodeling your pool and kitchen during your 8 months of quarantine.

Zillow has no real understanding of how different the Southwest Riverside County market can be compared to other cities and parts of the country.

Zillow doesn't know that your backyard is landscaped, that you installed a new air conditioner or even that you spent months painting the entire interior of your home.

But good news, WE DO. We can do the real work behind finding out exactly what your home is worth!

Would you like us to give you an accurate valuation of your home? To go room-by-room with you so that you can share each detail, every highlight and point out things we wouldn't otherwise know or see?

Once we do that, we can run what we call "comparables," which takes into account your total bed/bath/square footage, and the updates and upgrades to your home. Then comparing them with similar homes sold in your area (not across town or 20 miles away) to get an accurate value and idea of what buyers would pay for a home like yours.

Keep in mind that a valuation is never set in stone and you ultimately determine the price you want to sell your home for. A valuation is simply our way of guiding you so that you don't under or overprice your home when the time comes to sell.

It takes us less than an hour to do this and we'd love to help give you what Zillow can't — a true home value!

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